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70th Emmy® Nominees


Roll out the red carpet and Cubeyou audience insights! The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards will air Monday, September 17th to honor the best primetime shows on television.

Netflix earned 112 Emmy nominations this year, breaking HBO’s 17-year streak as the Emmy nominations leader. HBO came in second with 108 nods and NBC came in third with 78 nominations. With the ever-increasing diversity, quality and volume of scripted shows out there, understanding what makes each show’s audience unique and different is the key to identifying the sweet spot between a TV show and potential advertising partners.

That’s why, beginning on Friday, August 31, Cubeyou will unveil detailed audience analyses of the Emmy-nominated Drama and Comedy shows — one show, one day at a time. The analyses will break down each show audience’s top influencers, lifestyles, brands and personality traits to a paint an accurate picture of each show’s audience.

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Westworld, HBO
Westworld_EmmyCoverWestworld is no ordinary amusement park.Audiences of this epic sci-fi may enjoy watching the robot utopia dawn on screen, but in reality they’re interested in tech like HTC Vive (Affinity 4.04x), Google Home (2.87x) and Unity (2.82x), making us wonder who they think will win. They’re already integrated in the future world order, with Netizens affinity 3.88x, but they are also big Art Appreciators (2.30x) with top influencers Actors and Directors like James Gunn (5.11x) and Mark Hamill (3.42x) as well as comedians like John Oliver (3.13x), so perhaps they won’t welcome the dawn of AI so readily. 

To tap into the data on these guests.



This Is Us, NBCThisIsUs_EmmyCoverThis Is Us is a family drama from NBC, and its majority-female (90.82%) audience is appropriately wholesome: they’re big Money Savers (Affinity 2.53x), Beauty and Wellness Aware (2.00x), and a top influencer includes home decor expert Joanna Gaines (2.76x). They’re far from being Nerds (0.21x) and are interested in Weight Watchers (2.43x), Scary Mommy (2.29x) and Proverbs 31 Ministries (1.89x). Their biggest influencer genres are Religious People (1.11x) and Chefs (1.41x). 

For more insights into the “this” that is them, check out our This Is Us Audience Analysis. 


Stranger Things, NexfilxStrangerThings_EmmyCoverFans of this sci-fi drama of mysterious things in the woods and secret government projects, set in a small town during the 80’s, are a young group (18-24, affinity 1.81x) who are big Netizens (3.24x) and not at all Cinema Goers (0.18x).

They aren’t into their Fast Food (0.53x), and they’re bigger fans of Horror Films (2.82x) than Science Fiction and Fantasy films (2.34x). Seems fitting that this audience is more receptive to black and white colors (1.45x), which complement the eerie dark tone of show. 

Learn the upside-down of this audience.

The Handmaid's Tale, Hulu
HandmaidsTale_EmmyCoverThe Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel set in a world where fundamentalism goes too far, draws an audience with strong interests in Politics Magazines (Affinity 3.22x), Sci-Fi and Fantasy (2.34x) and News Apps (4.27x). With an audience of 80.3% female, their influencers consist of liberal characters such as Margaret Atwood herself (20.19x), Mindy Kaling (3.96x), and Lin-Manuel Miranda (3.39x), combining their love of arts (Art Appreciators 2.4x), entertainment (Entertainment Junkies 2.07x) and activism (Social Activists 4.54x). 

Although this group likes their entertainment and art, they are very engaged with politics and society and, much like Atwood intended, relate to the world what they see on TV.  "Blessed be the insights."  

Game of Thrones, HBO
GOT_EmmyCover“I drink and I know things”: the same could be said of the audience of this too-complicated-to-explain TV epic as it is of their lead influencer, main character Tyrion Lannister (Affinity 7.60x). Their top ten beverages are all liquor or beer, with Guinness taking this category throne (1.37x), and while they’re ambivalent about tech, the top brand being Bose at 0.94x affinity, they’re often Nerds (3.55x), Netizens (2.88x) and Gamers (2.02x). 

They prefer a black-and-white color scheme (1.38x), so it’s a fortuitous time to appeal to this audience as Winter Is Coming. To learn more, check out our full Game of Thrones Audience Insights.


The Crown, NetflixTheCrown_EmmyCoverThe audience of this Emmy Nominated series about the life of young Queen Elizabeth II are befittingly Art Appreciators (affinity 1.99x), Readers (1.82x) and Entertainment Junkies (1.72x) more than they are Politically Active (1.46x) or Travelers (1.15x). With classy tastes for Veuve Clicquot (2.4x) and Fiat (2.80x), alongside top tech Garmin (2.93x) and Amazon Echo (2.60x), and almost no affinity whatsoever for gambling (0.24x) or gaming (0.35x), the best way to this audience is via the high road, not the low one.  

Get the full audience analysis. For the Royal treatment, give us a call.


The Americans, FXAmericans_EmmyCoverThe deceptively innocuous Mini-Cooper-liking (Affinity 1.92x), art appreciating (2.12x) fans of this period spy thriller about two KGB agents living a double life as a family in suburban DC are very into their politics. Half of their top influencers are politicians such as Congressman Joe Kennedy III (2.14x) and Joe Biden (2.11x). But, don’t let that fool you. This well-educated (Grad School 1.82x) audience are Well-Informed Newsies (4.23x), Social Activists (3.87x) and Political Activists (2.91x). They also use the internet primarily for Online Financials (3.14x), rather than for Fun (0.66x).

To investigate further, check out our dossier here.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, NetflixUnbreakableKimmy_EmmyCoverThe ever-optimistic Kimmy Schmidt, a woman rescued from a cult after 15 years, navigates a new life in New York City with help from her gay, aspiring-Broadway-actor roommate, Titus. Reflecting the liberal political view of the show’s audience, two of its top 10 influences include comedian Billy Eichner (Affinity 8.41x) and actress Laverne Cox (6.61x), both of whom are part of the LGBT community. The show’s young audience (age 18-25 at 1.38x, 25-34 at 1.96x) may be figuring out life just like Kimmy, and are more likely to be Nerds (3.34x) and Netizens (3.03x).

Learn more about the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Audience Insights. If you need an optimistic colorful pick-me-up, you can give us a call, we’ve got some sunshine to share.

Silicon Valley, HBOSiliconValley_EmmyCoverThe audience of Silicon Valley doesn’t look too different than the show itself: 78.96% male, they’re into the latest cutting edge tech, with top auto brands like Faraday Future (5.12x) and Tesla (2.14x), and top electronic brands such as HTC Vive (6.47x) and Oculus VR (3.87x). They’re also very into their beer, with the top ten beverage producers all being brewing companies, and their Shake Shack (1.93x). 

Read the Silicon Valley low-down here, but if you want to know as much about them as they probably know about you, give us a call. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon Prime Video
MarvelousMrsMaisel_EmmyCoverThe audience of this punchy show about a 1950’s Upper West Side homemaker who decides to forego convention to pursue stand-up comedy are the sort of crowd the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel would likely have enjoyed. This audience appreciates top fashion designers such as Christian Siriano (Affinity 4.76x), Oscar de la Renta (3.23x) and Zac Posen (2.77x). They also like their whiskey, with top brands such as WhistlePig (7.5x) as well as Gambling (1.69x), and tweet about #americanninjawarrior. 

Click here to see the full Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Audience Analysis. When you fancy some more marvelous material, give us a call (833.777.2823)

GLOW, Netflix
Glow_EmmyCoverGLOW may feature Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling trying to make it in LA, but in their own lives, its audience is more interested in comic, anime and manga events (Affinity 4.42x) than sporting events (1.03x). They ponder #garagesalemysteries, and are more likely to be Netizens (3.53x), Nerds (2.85x) and Art Appreciators (2.66x) than Sports Enthusiasts (1.46x). 

For more insight into the people who like a little GLOW in their lives, check out the the GLOW Audience Insights.  

Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO
Curb_EmmyCoverThere’s plenty of enthusiasm to be curbed here. The audience of this Emmy nominee are avid Party Goers (Affinity 2.33x), and their top ten beverages are all alcoholic brands. They like punk music (2.28x), political magazines (2.37x) and the arts (1.82x), and are almost entirely urban (Reach 96.1%).

Check out the Curb Your Enthusiasm Audience Insights to learn more. 

Black-ish, ABC
Black-ish_EmmyCoverThe show’s tagline might be “this is how we roll,” but this audience is more interested in #stand(ing)up (Affinity 72.11x). Black-ish, a comedy that mixes laughs with a social commentary about racism in America, draws people who like Carlo Rossi (3.59x), TV shopping channels (5.35x) and basketball (2.25x). They are also a Mobile-App-Happy set (1.88x) who rely on mobile apps for just about everything.

To learn more (bright colors, or black and white? Favorite beverage brands? Most popular fast food chain?), read the Black-ish Audience Insights.

1_atlanta_top_influencers-1The audience for Atlanta, the Emmy-nominated comedy that follows a friend group of aspiring rap artists, have linked interests across the [sound]board. They like BMW (Affinity 1.24x), Arby's (1.32x) and Hennessey (2.28x). But despite their comedy interests, don’t treat them anything less than seriously: they prefer Serious/Professional tones (1.41x), Black and White as a color palette (1.39x) and are into Social Activism (2.69x). 

There’s more to this group than meets the eye. Check out for Atlanta Audience Insights additional insights, but if you want to dig deeper, there’s always deeper to dig: give us a call.

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Methodology and Glossary

Cubeyou tracks ~150M daily observed social behavior data points over a rolling 365-day period, and converts them into consumer interests and affinities for 26M+ brands, media and influencers. These observed consumer interests are expressed as Affinity Index, which measures how the target audience you are analyzing is different from the average American adult.  

• 0<Affinity<1: Your audience is less interested in the item than the average American adult
• Affinity=1: Your audience is as interested in the item as the average American adult
• Affinity>1: your audience is more interested in the item than the average American adult

Reach measures the percentage of consumers within the target audience (e.g., consumers who are interested in 
Atlanta) who share a specific trait or interest (e.g., Party Goers, Apple). For this analysis, we set the minimum Reach at 1%. 

The analysis was conducted using Cubeyou during August 24 - 27, 2018.


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