Lebron and the Cav’s or Curry and the Warriors: Who is America rooting for?


By John

With the warriors on the verge of winning their first championship in 40 years, we decided to dig a little deeper into who America is rooting for, Stephen Curry and The Golden State Warriors or Lebron James and The Cleveland Cavalier’s.

After running the numbers, it’s clear that most of America is behind Lebron James and his Cavaliers. This isn’t too much of a surprise as Lebron has had a long and illustrious career in the NBA (4 time MVP) while Stephen Curry and the Warriors are a young and up-and-coming team. Though the Warriors seem to only take the popularity in 13 of the 50 states, they clearly have a strong foundation out on the west Coast and seem to be slowly spreading sporadically across the nation.

One thing to notice is a strong concentration of popularity out in the northeast for Golden State. One train of thought floating around the office (full of Warriors fans) is that the hard-core fans of the Boston Celtics will be rooting for anyone who has the opportunity to defeat Lebron James (no matter the team he’s on). One other interesting note was that although Stephen Curry and Lebron James were both born in the same Akron, Ohio hospital, Lebron still edged out the current MVP (with a 128 on the popularity index) to take control of the home state. One last interesting note: With Lebron James recently leaving the Miami Heat, the popularity index for Florida is still Supporting lebron and the Cav’s, but at a staggering low 56. Clearly, the fans of Florida are not too excited by the finals, but would still rather root for Cleveland over Golden State.

The NBA Finals Map below illustrates the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavalier’s to see which has the highest popularity in each state. Popularity indicates how popular a team is in each state compared with the national distribution. The chart below shows a similar study done between Lebron James and Stephen Curry, comparing popularity within each state against the national distribution.

State_by_State_Favorite_NBA infographics download

Popularity index ranges from 0 to 200, with 100 being the average popularity.

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