State by State Favorite Beer


By John

State by State Favorite Beer
After years of consumer profiling and audience measurement for top brands and agencies across the globe, we decided to have a bit of fun with our data and started the "state by state" series.
Being avid beer drinkers, we decided to see what is the most popular beer in each state. As you can see, the beer brands of the world are as diverse as the states themselves — though a handful of massive multinational brewers own a staggering number of these brands.

Bud Light, Samuel Adams, Busch, all lead the way with at least 4 states covered, but the BIG surprise is Odell Brewing (195) taking over Coors (131) home state of Colorado. One thing that caught us off guard was that Lagunitas (159) made it all the way over to Illinois to take over Miller (101) and Pabst (116).

The Beer Map below illustrates the beer brands that have the highest popularity in each state. Popularity indicates how popular a beer is in each state compared with the national distribution.

State_by_State_Favorite_beer infographic image download

Popularity index ranges from 0 to 200, with 100 being the average popularity.

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