State by State: Dream Cars, Bitchin’ Rides & America’s Favorite Car


By Max


Driving through wealthy neighborhoods, you’ll often see more expensive cars. Newport Beach in California is a veritable car lot of Italian sports cars – Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti – and we’ve even spotted one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, parking on Highway 1.

But, drive just ten miles inland, and the landscape changes to a sea of Toyota Hybrids and Jeep SUVs.

That vehicle popularity varies by location is no surprise. But how vehicle brand preferences differ from state to state in the U.S. does hold a few eyebrow-raising facts.



American-made vehicles are a source of pride to many (and a source of frustration to some). But there are some states where people not only love Ford Trucks, but treat them as a way of life. Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Missouri citizens seem to lead a more rugged lifestyle than the rest of us, but Utah also waves the Ford flag – but with a Mustang.


The Lands of Land Rovers

With luxury SUVs and off-road vehicles, big and hardy Land Rovers have won over New Mexico, Wyoming and Alaska. Interestingly, this Land Rover-loving audience is evenly distributed between men and women, skewing to slightly older women between the ages of 35 to 54, and men between the ages of 18 all the way to 54. These two groups don’t often have much in common, but they all love Land Rover – and The Beatles. How do we know that?*



Understated elegance with a strong whiff of financial success might describe the BMW brand, most popular in Florida and Hawaii. It’s curious that the two most tropical places in the U.S. attract people who love the same brand of car, so we took a look at just who these people are. Most are either in college or new graduates, and 77% are male. Now we’re wondering why they’re buying BMWs if one of their favorite movies is Fast & Furious, which features vintage sports cars and white-hot modern rides, like the FD-generation Mazda RX-7. Kids these days!


Mid-priced and Practical

Chevy, Subaru, GMC, Dodge, Toyota and Volkswagen share reputations for reliability. They’re good sturdy cars, trucks and SUVs, with just enough flash to be fun to drive. Most of the country is more than happy with these vehicles, including Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi for Toyota; Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington for Subaru; Wisconsin, Kansas and Arkansas for Chevrolet; South Carolina for GMC; and Arizona for Dodge.



Then there are the states in which tastes are a little more in line with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Texas loves Chevy, but mostly for the Corvette. Nevada has a passion for Ferraris, New Yorkers can’t part with their Jaguars, and California and Massachusetts are moving towards electric cars with Tesla. Fun fact: Tesla owners tend to shop at Whole Foods, drink craft beer, and watch the UK car show, Top Gear.


The vehicles people choose give us much deeper insights than one might suspect. They’re wonderfully accurate reflections of our dreams, hopes, values, and how we see ourselves. And, they can be a perfect launch point from which to build a buyer persona for your next marketing campaign. If you’d like to learn more about buyer personas, check out our free Ultimate Guide: How to Create a B2C Marketing Persona – Everything you need to know to meet your ideal customer.


*Once you know your target demographic, in this case, Land Rover lovers in New Mexico, Wyoming and Alaska, you can use Cubeyou Plus to see what else these people have in common.



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