All is Vanity. This is why Roberto Cavalli has a perfect Facebook audience


By admin

In the Bible's book Ecclesiastes it is written: "all is vanity".
We couldn't find a better sentence to define Roberto Cavalli's audience.

While researching the market for the Fashion Industry, we discovered that one of the main italian fashion brands had a very defined Facebook Fan profile. Giving a quick look at the top interests of Cavalli's audience in Facebook, we discovered pretty frivolous interests.

Ok, you could say that glamour doesn't necessarily mean frivolous! No, we don't think so. But we believe in data. And the data on the TOP INTERESTS of Cavalli's fans are quite clear.

Can you imagine which important public figure do they follow? Obama? Stephen Hawking?
No, David Beckham.
What's their favourite music? Bach? Beethoven? Francesco Guccini?
No, Rihanna
And what about movies, do they prefer Schindler's List, La Dolce Vita or Battleship Potemkin?
Nooo, they like Avatar and Dirty Dancing.
Ok, but for sure they don't like only Roberto Cavalli...
Yes, Cavalli is just the first brand, then we have Gucci (2nd) and Dolce & Gabbana (3rd).
And what about TV, what do they watch?
Sex and the City.
I can't believe that they don't see anything more cultural, or something different from a TV series!
Yes, they watch also to MTV (2nd), The Simpsons (3rd), Gossip Girl (4th).

So, these are the TOP INTERESTS of Roberto Cavalli's fans:

  • ART & CULTURE: Dance
  • BRAND OR PRODUCT: Roberto Cavalli
  • COMPANY: Dior
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Sex and the City
    MOVIES: Avatar
  • MUSIC: Rihanna
  • PUBLIC FIGURES: David Beckham
  • TV: Sex and the City

Not satisfied with this superficial analysis, we run one of our "total algorithm" to synthesize the main characteristics of their psychographic profile. And we discovered that...

  • PSYCHOGRAPHIC PROFILE: Restaurant and nightlife lover

All is vanity. Vanity of vanities. That's a perfect description of Roberto Cavalli audience in Facebook. Thank you Koheleth.