Papa John’s Might Want to Pitch the Ladies


By Max

Papa John’s Pizza is looking for a new creative partner, and whether or not you’re one of the ten agencies Chief Marketing Officer Brandon Rhoten contacted, if you have a pizza-loving customer base, this pitch brief may be of interest.

We found a surprising statistic about pizza lovers

See, while most fast food is targeted at young men, pizza is an outlier. In analyzing Papa John’s audience and comparing it with our category of “Pizza Lovers” we discovered, well, women.

Papa John’s audience is comprised of 52 percent women, mostly Generation Z (younger Millennials) in the Southern U.S.

Pizza Lovers in general are right in line with that demographic - 51 percent women in Generation Z, over indexing on whites and Hispanics.

They score high - 82 percent - as “thoughtful eaters” who would rather have a fruit-based dessert than a brownie.

Papa John's target audience

This is a great opportunity for Papa John’s to differentiate

Papa John’s has a “Papa’s Lighter Choices” menu, but isn’t publicizing it nearly enough - it’s a real differentiator that could win serious business away from its main competitor, Dominos. And yet, it doesn’t even make Papa’s home page.

Another interesting fact we uncovered about the Pizza Loving audience is that they overindex as “gamers”. These young consumers love playing racing games and are highly interested in the just released SNESClassic Mini (we’re betting Super Mario Kart is a favorite).

We think a SNESClassic-type smartphone game featuring Papa John’s delivery drivers racing would be a big hit and keep the brand top-of-mind for this audience.

pizza lover target analysis

Using Cubeyou data, we can even tell you what they are talking about right now.

Indeed, this audience is a regular cinema-goer and they’re all talking about the next movie they’re going to watch in theaters. Which is it?

We got the answer: #ThorRagnarok

Should Papa John’s purchase commercial time in the previews? Why yes they should. But that’s not the only opportunity to get in front of these Pizza (and Chris Hemsworth) Lovin’ consumers - 33 percent of them regularly listen to the radio while in the car.

pizza lovers media consumption

If you’d like to find out what radio shows and music genres they listen to though, you’ll have to try Cubeyou for yourself.

For more information on Papa John’s, the Pizza Lovers demographic and the state of the pizza industry, check out our latest pitch brief!


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