Mini Buyer Persona Nike Basketball consumers in the US


By John

mini buyer persona Nike Basketball consumer in US header image

We are really excited to present our brand new series of Mini Buyer Persona’s. This series is the culmination of countless behavioural analysis reports, and feedback calls, with hundreds of marketing strategists who use Cubeyou+ on a daily basis.

The problem: We want to create a single picture that summarizes hundreds of data point around a specific audience. The end result should be highly meaningful, yet easy for anyone to read.

We started our process by identifying the typical “buyer persona creation process” that our clients tend to reproduce over and over.

The process is as follows:

  • Identify top interests to pinpoint what makes this audience different from the average American.
  • Create a top 20 vs top Genres analysis: This dives into the specific sub-interest category that we should be further analyzing.
  • In order to fit this entire analysis process into a single image, we generated an infographic-like structure that follows the typical buyer persona analysis, step-by-step. Additionally, we integrated a few background pictures to give an immediate graphical representation of the data and create that quick “A Hah” reaction. Below, you can find a recent Buyer Persona of a Nike Basketball consumer. We would love to hear some feedback on what you think about the Buyer Persona and what, if any, changes you would make.

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