Meet the Tech Savvy Moms


By Max

No robot servants to make the beds. No in-home push-button vending machines. No conveyor belt aided morning routines. In many ways, The Jetsons set us up for a lifetime of disappointment.

But Tech Savvy Moms are fighting back – with their Smartphones.

While we’re all waiting for Apple to develop a Rosie the Robot to do physical chores, Tech Savvy Moms are adopting home technologies that can be controlled via smartphone apps. They’re using smartphones to control everything from the locks on their front doors, to the thermostat, to monitoring their cookies baking in the oven via video. There’s even an app that will talk to your refrigerator to find out what foods you’re out of.

While men are typically the earliest adopters of new technology, on the home front, Tech Savvy Moms reign supreme. And they keep their kingdoms in order much the same way as Jane Jetson did – through the touch of the button.

Tech Savvy Moms – Their Houses are Smarter than Yours

In many ways, Tech Savvy Moms are like every other mom for the last 50 years. They feed their babies Gerber baby food, bake with Betty Crocker, drink Lipton iced tea and cranberry juice. But while our moms would have looked up a recipe in their favorite cookbook, these ladies surf the web looking for healthy recipes for their families.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg lettuce.

Yes, their eating habits may be old-school, but how they manage the rest of their lives is anything but. These are the ladies sporting Apple Watches, tracking calories consumed and burned with an app, and simplifying their errands with other apps like Drugstore and Amazon groceries.

They’re also participating on social media, blogs and online forums, and are doing so in the most grammatically correct of ways. We know this the same way we know one other secret about this demographic: They’re perfectionists. Type As, every last multi-tasking one of them.

How do we know?

Because, their #1 utility app that isn’t about wellness or errand runs is: Grammarly.
Grammarly eliminates grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes for anything written online.


Dressed to Impress

Tech Savvy Moms have non-technology-oriented hobbies too.  They show a high interest in affordable fashion and apparel brands like Macy’s, Target, Old Navy, and Michael Kors – but that’s really so they can save money for interests that matter more.

They’re fans of Kelly Moore.

If you’re not familiar with Kelly Moore, let me tell you: She designs beautiful, brilliantly functional handbags that fall into four categories:
• Camera bags
• Travel bags
• Baby bags
• Study bags

Each type of bag has just the right pocket for every possible need, plus removable baskets, adjustable dividers. They’re not cheap, and they’re very stylish.

But that’s our Tech Savvy Mom in a nutshell. She’s a highly practical, stylish person whose always looking for ways to make life a little easier through better design. 


Trends She’s Driving

The biggest consumer trend the Tech Savvy Mom is driving is apps that work with home electronics. For example, apps that let you turn on every radio in the house and set them to your favorite Pandora station. Apps that let you control the thermostat inside, and sprinkler system outside, based on the readings of your personal weather station – all from your smart phone. Apps that work with refrigerators to tell you you’re low on milk. There’s even a way to livestream video from inside your oven so you don’t have to leave your seat, or your guests, to see if your dinner’s on fire.

She’s not just driving trends inside the home though. She’s also responsible for the success of Amazon grocery delivery.

Essentially, if you can think of an app that makes her everyday life easier, she’ll take it.


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