Meet the Mobile Payers – They Pay the ‘Smart’ Way


By Max

What can’t you do with a smart phone anymore? I can use mine to turn on every radio in my house (synchronized to my favorite Pandora station), control my thermostat, and even turn on outdoor lighting via wifi. These little pocket ‘puters never stop learning new tricks, and the latest is to take the place of your credit card.

Meet the Mobile Payers – they are way ahead of the rest of us

This demographic uses their smart phones to send money to friends and family and pay for products and services instantly.

Mobile Payers are among the most tech-savvy demographics, scoring high as “tech-splorers” and as purchasers of consumer electronics. They like their gadgets, including:

GoPro – Hardy portable cameras and mobile apps for capturing and sharing videos.
Nest – Smart home systems like thermostats and smoke alarms that are controlled via smart phones.
And Tile – an app that connects to a little square Bluetooth tracker you can attach to things that get lost, like keychains and cell phones.

Not only do Mobile Payers enjoy finding new gadgets, they love reading about them on sites like TechCrunch, Mashable and TheVerge. Hot on the cutting edge of technology, they pay attention to the Webby Awards and you’ll likely find a number of them attending the South by Southwest conference in Austin.


Tech geeks yes, socially awkward – No

You might think that anyone so obsessed with technology would be a total nerd, but not so with the Mobile Payers. These guys are hip and always up to party.

Scoring high in the Party Goer characteristic, this demographic also scores high for loving  liquor (especially bourbon), and frequenting nightclubs like the Hakkasan Las Vegas, Marquee Las Vegas, and Drai’s Beach Club (also Las Vegas). And how are they paying for their bottle service? With their phones, of course.


They have an artistic streak

Even though technology has been traditionally linked to Left-brained pursuits, Mobile Payers are surprisingly artistic. They’re interested in art events, appreciate art more than most, attend music festivals, and are drawn to visual arts and design – especially photography.

And this leads us to what you should get these guys for the Holidays: Photography gadgets they can use with their phones. Photojojo, one of their favorite sites, sells lenses and microphones for smart phones, neatly blending the tech-gadget-love with smart-phone-friendly art. 


Yuppies of the future

Mobile Payers always want to know about the next big thing, which makes their celebrity influencer choices especially interesting: Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, and Tony Robbins. Two out of four of these guys are business investors, and even Tony Robbins (best known as a motivational speaker) is also a  personal finance instructor.

Mobile Payers aren’t only tech-savvy, they’re business savvy. I guess they have to be. After all, they have to pay for all of those new gadgets!


Trends they’re driving

Mobile Payers are at the forefront of the trend towards technology integrating with just about every daily activity. As early adopters of new apps and technologies, they influence everyone else to purchase the next big thing – whatever it may be.

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