Meet the Millennial Social Drinkers (First Round’s On Them!)


By Max

To be clear – this isn’t a deep-drive into young alcoholics. That’s an entirely different demographic, and one that really doesn’t need any booze-marketing efforts. The people we’re meeting today are a fun crowd. You’ll find them at the latest music festival, hanging out with friends at a craft brewery (or bringing craft brews to the campground) and waxing poetic about the burnt sugar aromatics of a hand-crafted bourbon.

Fine liquor lovers they may be – but they’re not snobs. They’re more than happy to share their passion
for great booze with anyone and everyone.

Quick definition: Social Drinkers are the most frequent consumers of alcohol, typically indulging in 5-7 cocktails per month.

Life of the hunting party

Men make up 76% of this demographic – they’re under 34 years old, mostly single, college-educated, and just under half have children. This means that, for the most part, they’re young, relatively free from obligations, and have money to spend on what they most enjoy:

• Cars, trucks and motorcycles
• Sports
• Partying (BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival, American Craft Beer Week)
• Outdoor activities

The funny thing about these guys is a glaring incongruity between the cars they like and the pursuits they enjoy. Please, someone explain to me how you can go hunting and surfing in a Fiat? Do you strap the board on the roof of the car? Have your friends sit with your dead buck in the backseat,
Weekend at Bernie’s style?

These guys like sporty, compact cars, preferably Italian, German or Swedish, like ABARTH (Fiat), Opel and Volvo – none of which are known for Sport Utility Vehicles. But, while it’s a mystery how these outdoorsy types transport their gear – this we know: Where they’re headed.


Destination Drinksville

Millennial Social Drinkers can be found in drunken droves at BottleRock, the Napa Valley Music Festival that features wine, food and craft brews, LiveNation concerts, and craft beer events. You may also find them rooting for their favorite NFL, NHL and baseball teams, or meeting at a bar to watch MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.


Trends they’re driving

What do you get when you combine disposable income with a love of booze and good times?
More booze and good times. Parties, concerts and events centered around high-quality drinks draw this demographic like barflies to spilled mead. Food, wine and craft beer weeks have exploded in recent years and, largely thanks to the Millennial Social Drinkers demographic, show no sign of slowing down.

In terms of what types of marketing works best to attract this audience, you’ve only to consult the Captain: Captain Morgan, that is. The Captain Morgan Facebook page, one of the most popular for this demographic, features live-streams of parties and events, funny video clips, and creative (yet simple) drink recipes – all designed to say “The Party Starts Here.”


Find out more

We took a deep dive into the passions and preferences of the Millennial Social Drinker demographic. You can download our free, in-depth research here. Cheers!



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