Meet the Millennial Pet Lovers – Putting the Grrrr in Girly


By Max

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We haven’t looked into it (yet), but one thing we know for sure: The way to a woman’s heart is through her pet.

Meet the Millennial Pet Lovers – 85% of whom are female. You’ll most likely find her and her pooch eating an organic salad, listening to NPR or watching the latest BuzzFeed video.

But let’s paint a more detailed picture of this woman, because she’s pretty interesting.

A woman of surprises

When a woman says she loves animals, what correlations would you assume? You might assume, especially in metropolitan cities, that they adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Not necessarily. This group does love its pets (and everyone else’s pets, judging by their BuzzFeed video watching habits), but they’re not opposed to ordering chicken on that organic salad. Health, organic produce, and humanely raised meat are important to them (they rarely have fast food), but they don’t follow any particular diet or dietary restriction.


What she loves

But they are socially aware, and are especially sensitive to breeds with “bad” reputations. Show this woman a picture of a pit bull puppy, and she’ll completely melt – just before telling you her stories of her first “pibble” and how she fell in love with the pit bull breeds forever. One of the top websites she frequents is, which is wall-to-wall pictures of adorable pit pups.
Want her instant attention? Put a puppy in your next ad. Easy as that.

And she spoils her furry friends, spending a good amount of money to keep them in Kong toys and antler chews from BarkBox.


Tough on the outside

With her soft spot for tough dogs, you might think she’s a tough lady herself – especially with her artfully done tattoos. Penchant for body art and big dogs aside, she’s very soft-hearted; practically guaranteed to tear up over an episode of NPR’s
This American Life.

She’s a music-lover too, following the latest from Bieber, Ariana Grande and Adelle on iHeartRadio, and listening to Pandora.
Ads on Pandora and NPR are two great ways to reach this audience.


Girly grrrl

The Millennial Pet Lover is cute. She’s a little nerdy. She’s trendy. She’s sexy. Even though she may not self-identify as a fashion-lover (20% do), she’s very aware of the latest fashions, though sometimes she’ll opt for a T-shirt with a unicorn licking a rainbow. This girl comes in all shapes and sizes – her favorite clothing sites run the gamut from TOBI (no plus size offered), to TeeTurtle (all sizes) to DEBShop (plus size).

She’s also an accessorizer with a preference for real rocks – diamonds, sapphires, birthstones. But don’t go thinking that diamonds are this girl’s best friend, because that position has been filled. By her dog.


Trends she's driving

The main trend the Millennial Pet Lover is driving is a nation-wide phenomenon of increasing pet-friendliness. At work, at home, at play, at their local restaurants or breweries – Millennials want their pets with them wherever they go. Businesses of all types have taken notice. And, in the most pet-friendly areas,
not having a pooch porch can cost businesses money.

Retail shops and restaurants in particular are seeing higher customer loyalty when they welcome pets. The word has gone out to management at stores like Nordstrom’s, Barney’s, Saks 5th Avenue, and Gap (and, of course, PetSmart) to welcome owners and their pets. Millennials consider pets to be part of the family, and when their family members are invited in, they’ll drive farther and spend more to go to those businesses. (Source: Millennial Magazine)


Find out more

We took a deep dive into the passions and preferences of the puppy-loving set. Would you like to see what we found? Check out our roundup of everything you need to know to attract and delight the Millennial Pet Lovers. You can download our free, in-depth research here. Go fetch!



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