Meet the Gamers: You’ve been PWND


By Max

Millennials have the reputation as gaming grownups – adults who, taking a break from “adulting,” turn to computer games and video games, which were formerly provinces of children and guys living in their parents’ basements (who are also, likely, Millennials).

But we took a closer look into the Gamer demographic.

Did we find Millennials en masse?
Of course we did. The demographics line up like you might suspect: Mostly Caucasian males between the ages of 18-24, with the second highest age range between 25-34. But, there’s been a growing movement of female gamers who are gaining prominence – and it would be a costly mistake to ignore them in your marketing.

And these people have money to spend.
No kids, few expenses, and relatively high disposable incomes make the Gamer demographic a very deep pocket to pursue indeed.

Entertainment Industry, Listen Up

Our research shows:

• 35% of Big Spending Gamers use online video to discover new games

• Then, they share that content, a lot. (27% of Gamers share video gaming content on social media, and Nintendo gamers alone share 39% of all video gaming content)

• And, there is a high correlation between Gamers who follow online gaming channels, and those who spend 1.2 times more than the average for entertainment.

Can you guess what entertains them? Betcha can.
Their top movies are The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Hello comics crossover!

They are movie lovers (45%) and entertainment junkies (38.5%), ready to buy opening night tickets to just about anything with lots of explosions and a big budget.


Care & Feeding of Gamers

Gamer guys are addicted to energy drinks, fast food, and junk food – which correlates with their age bracket. Typically, 18-24 year old guys also love those things. Taco Bell, Pringles, Jack Links, Monster Energy, Red Bull and Mountain Dew are some of their favorite brands (and if you represent those brands, or competitors of those brands, you might consider advertising on online gaming channels).

Interestingly, Gamer girls show similar tastes for caffeine and sugar, but prefer Starbucks Frapaccinos Life Saver Gummies, and Skittles.


Trends they’re driving

If you want to see what trends Gamers drive, just follow the money.
They spend 1.2X more than average on Entertainment, and like Super Hero movies. Notice an uptick in Super Hero movies recently? Yep, we have too.

A whopping 35% of Big Spenders use online videos to discover new games, paving the way for more partnerships between YouTube “stars” and game brands.

Gamers who follow online gaming channels spend 1.5X more for electronics, gravitating towards monitors, hard drives and headsets that deliver more realistic, engaging, and higher quality experiences.

You can thank them for driving trends towards higher resolution and better sound quality, as well as cool looking, high powered hardware like Razer products and Turtle Beach headsets.

In short: More Super-Movies, hi-tech tools for more realistic gaming experiences, and watching, sharing and making YouTube videos about their favorite games.


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