Meet the Female Runners: They're Going Places


By Max

Female runners are a committed bunch. They’re the ones jogging on the roadside at 5am before work. They’re on the trail every weekend. They don’t consider it a good day unless their running shoes have met the pavement.

They also have a surprising amount of buying power.

According to the 2013 National Runner Survey, “core runners,” or those who train year-round, tend to be highly educated (76% have a college degree, versus 30% of the average population), and affluent (73% reported a household income of mover than $75,000 – the average median income for households in the U.S. is around $52,000). Those statistics aren’t surprising when you consider the amount of discipline it takes to stick to an exercise routine.

But, then again, runners don’t consider what they do to be an exercise routine. It’s a lifestyle.

In our original research into the Female Runner demographic, we found that their lives revolve around healthy outdoor activities. And not just running. They also enjoy hiking, horseback riding and walking.

Of course they attend a number of running events, like The Color Run, Nike Women’s 15K and Run Disney, but they’re just as likely to be found in Pilates classes.

Triple Threats: Brawn, Beauty & Brains

Female runners may love the outdoors, but they’re not opposed to cosmetics. Quite the contrary. They rank high for interest in cosmetics (170.8 popularity index), making them Cosmetic Connoisseurs. Their favorite beauty brand is Birchbox, which offers curated, personalized samples of makeup, designer scents, skincare and bath and body products.

These ladies are also Fashion Lovers (144.8 popularity), Accessories Addicted (181 popularity), and really love their Kate Spade handbags (top accessory brand). For athletic apparel, REI Co-op is their brand of choice.

You might think that such an active, beauty-conscious group of women would be more Real Housewives than deep-thinkers, but remember: They’re highly educated. Not only do they read sports magazines (Runners World is a favorite) and health-related websites, they love nothing more than to sit down with a good book – or jog with an audio-book. These runners are bookworms!


Trends She’s Driving

Consider this: Women’s workout clothes typically don’t include pockets. Weird, we know. Could this be one of the reasons the Apple watch appeals to female consumers so strongly? Really, the Apple watch is a sterling example of a product made in response to the needs of active, health conscious women – and it’s only the tip of the ice-berg.

Female Runners are a valuable demographic to court. They’ve got ample funds and they appreciate quality and functionality. When you have a product that appeals to their health-conscious natures, that’s functional AND looks good, you have a ready-made market with female runners.


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