Meet the Audiophiles: They’re cooler than the rest of us


By Max


What do a troubled, yet brilliant Bass player, a Latin jazz guitarist, and a German band known for repetitive, robotic, all-electronic synthesizer tracks have in common?
A bass player, jazz guitarist and four red-shirt-wearing Germans walk into a bar…
No, they aren’t the start of a “walk into a bar” joke. These three musicians, Jaco Pastorius, Al Di Meola and Kraftwerk are the top musicians for a very special demographic: the Audiophile. 

Audiophiles - the tribe that’s doing it before (and long after) it’s cool

Audiophiles, by definition, love music. These are the people who will happily pay whatever it takes to gain entrance to the concerts of their favorite bands, buy records, and purchase the most high-tech sound systems to listen to them. And, often, they’re musicians themselves.

These are the cool cats. The trend-setters. The people on the leading edge of what’s in. Leave it to them to find the next big thing, like it before it’s cool, and bring it to the rest of us (which ruins it for them).


Trends they’re driving

Music-lovers aren’t only interested in the latest, and greatest, bands and performers, they’re also deeply invested in fashion, art, entertainment, and physical activities. This is a fit, well-dressed bunch – with a healthy sense of humor. But, by their preferences, we can also learn some beneath-the-surface characteristics. Music lovers are extremely creative – and ironic.


It’s like Rayeeeeyaaaain on a rainy day

Their favorite movie is The Wrecking Crew, a “rockumentary” about a group of studio session musicians that backed the most popular acts of the ‘60s and ‘70s – often anonymously. It’s an underdog story, a story of exceptional talent behind the heavy curtain of the music industry. Like every great tale of rock and roll, it’s about rebellion.

This theme of irony and rebellion within the confines of the establishment runs throughout the Audiophiles’ favorite entertainment with shows like Portlandia and Arrested Development. Their favorite directors are uniformly of the cult-movie variety: Werner Herzog, David Lynch and the Coen brothers.

But, in terms of fashion, media, and major purchases – these are no hippies. Not even hipsters. They might buy vintage and second-hand clothes for date night, but when it comes to their running gear – they look to upscale brands like Rapha and Head. Favorite media includes RUSSH magazine, POPSugar and Freshness – all primarily about the latest fashion trends. And, as far as technology goes, this group isn’t excited by the Apple watch – they prefer a lot more style, gravitating instead towards Pebble smartwatches.

This group, clearly, has means. If you’re left in any doubt, you have only to see their top brands for music equipment.

They’re willing to pay for their passions – making them a demographic to watch.


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