Deli Meat Dealers Dietz & Watson Look for a Larger Slice of Market


By Max

In 1971, 1 percent of the U.S. population described themselves as vegetarians. According to Vegetarian Times, that number has more than tripled, which still isn’t an alarming number to meat industries at 3.2 percent. 

Still, scientists, the media, and environmentalists have piled onboard the “eat less meat” bandwagon, and schools institute “meatless mondays” (as has celebrity chef Mario Batali). Even Beyonce has her name on a vegan meal delivery service.

Yet Americans are not eating less meat, as a rule. In fact, newer diets like Paleo and Keto rely heavily on protein, and bone broth is the health trend everyone’s talking about. 

If anything, there are more opportunities now to market meat products than ever before as Americans become more health conscious and more likely to grab protein than chips. In fact, the demographics of people inclined to snack on meat are telling.

But one segment stood out as being a possible opportunity for market expansion for deli meat company Dietz & Watson, who recently launched an ad agency review for media and creative.

We think their next marketing efforts should target Generation Z males - because they’re all about snacking on meat.


Meet the Meat Snackers

When we entered in our Meat Snacking criteria, we found that the segment most likely to show interest in snacking on animal protein was 69 percent male, 54 percent single, 73 percent without children, and most likely between the ages of 15-24.

Unsurprisingly, this energetic group is frequently on-the-go, looking for food to-go. And that food is very likely meat or seafood - though they show a surprisingly high interest in gourmet and specialty foods (88.3 percent). These guys are watching Tastemade videos when they’re not gaming, watching videos, or obsessing over cars.


None of this is guessing, by the way. Each of these insights comes from our Cubeyou data.

Tastemade is a trending website among this demographic, making for a particularly tempting opportunity for a brand like Dietz & Watson to cross-promote or sponsor recipe posts.

Interestingly, while meat is on the menu, sauces aren’t. We noticed a marked lack of interest in sauces among meat snacking gamers - while non-gaming meat snackers are in favor of spicing things up with saucey goodness.


Of course, you can slice this data any way you like - see how much interest health-conscious Millennial women on Paleo diets have in meat snacks. Or bodybuilders. Or Baby Boomers in the North-East.

Check out our latest Pitch Brief for Dietz & Watson, and try slicing Cubeyou data for yourself. We guarantee meaty insights.


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