What can you learn from 1,652,725 Movie Fans?


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Can you imagine polling a focus group of over 150 million Facebook fans? Cubeyou offers breakthrough social market research so marketing professionals, agencies and brands can harness the power of their social audiences.

To prove our point, Cubeyou has completed a competitive benchmarking study with a panel of 1,652,725 fans comparing 3 of this year’s biggest movies. Our study, “How Does The Hunger Games: Catching Fire benchmark against The Hobbit and Thor?” found:3SLIDE

  • Although 67 percent of Hunger Games fans are women under 21, more than 26 percent are hard-core gamers, and 32 percent are basketball fans.
  • Hobbit fans are into movies and TV but are also fans of documentaries and news and are very interested in social activism.
  • Thor fans not only love action movies, but also love fine art.
  • All three movie’s fans are predominantly ISFJ personality types, as measured using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), so they are empathetic and loyal.

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