How interest changed our business: Case study, sparks & honey


By Helen


When sparks & honey, a New York marketing and advertising agency, planned their campaigns for 2016, they used Cubeyou to uncover details on their target’s lifestyle, habits and interests. But that’s not all they uncovered. Using information on their target’s interests, sparks & honey was inspired to form partnerships, find more media opportunities and provide meaningful insights to their creative team. In short, by focusing on interest instead of consumption, sparks & honey changed how they thought about strategy.


sparks & honey was built on the belief that cultural relevance is the most important driver of business in today’s economy. They help marketers, brands and organizations radically improve performance by understanding culture. Their open agency approach draws on hundreds of expert sources to provide cultural intelligence, trend analytics and actionable insights you won’t find anywhere else.

“Cubeyou allows us to find granular audience insights cut by recent psychographic behaviors and interests. Cubeyou has really amped up our audience insights and it’s been a key tool we use across all our accounts.”
Larisa Kluchman - Senior Cultural Strategist



Senior Cultural Strategist, Larisa Kluchman and her team were developing the creative brief and planning the 2016 campaign for a major insurance company in the U.S. Their challenge was to improve their understanding of the Baby Boomer demographic, with a particular focus on Baby Boomers who are proactive about their health. The goal of their analysis was to get an in-depth understanding of their interests, as well as their behaviors online and offline.


To analyze their target, Larisa and her team used Cubeyou+ to uncover cultural motivations, passions, and interests that drive consumption. 
Assuming that people who are interested in health-related products, services and media are more health conscious, they defined their target within the tool by choosing both specific interests and the entire Health category. After defining the target’s interests, they added demographic details by selecting the Baby Boomer generation. 


The most valuable insights the strategy team discovered about their target include:

Where to find them:
The team first looked at which regions were home to health-conscious Baby Boomers and found that most live in the Midwest, with other clusters in New Mexico, Arizona, and Idaho.

What interests them:
Health-conscious Baby Boomers are heavily involved in politics and follow the politicians and causes they support on social media. They can also be defined as techies, meaning that they are up to date with the latest technologies that impact their everyday lives more than average for this generation. They use the latest phones, computers and apps. They are also food lovers, which means that, for them, health is deeply connected to nutrition. There is an opportunity here to use the nutrition conversation to spark engagement with this audience - a great opportunity for creatives.

Their approach to health:
Among their top interests were brands that take an “all-natural” approach. From this data Larisa and her team understood that their audience is proactive about their health, but not medically proactive, which means that for them health is more about an everyday lifestyle.

By discovering their target’s passion for healthy living, particularly through diet, sparks & honey found the underlying motivations that drive consumption for this group, which gave them insights into how they can help their client reach this audience.


Before defining the strategy, it was important for Larisa and her team to understand how their target related to the brands of competitors. Did Baby Boomers prefer their customer’s brand or other
health care companies? What Larisa’s team found is that their health care brand had a high penetration among health-conscious Baby Boomers.

They already had an audience, they just had to engage them. Two of the engagement opportunities they found were:

Whether it was in the beauty or general health space, they found real key partners that could help drive their client’s message. Beauty trends in particular gave them many partnership opportunities, and Health and Beauty in general was a key area with a high penetration for their audience.


Surprisingly, they found that this audience loves games. The creative team can benefit a lot from this type of insight, since there is an element of gamifying health that may significantly resonate with this demographic. This can be also useful for partnerships.

“Cubeyou gave us hard numbers to defend our point about lifestyle, that health is about lifestyle and this demographic certainly cares about it. Cubeyou provided us with the data to validate our points and gave us new ideas for creative implementation.”

Cubeyou’s ability to look at consumers from the perspective of interests and passions gives marketers like sparks & honey insight into core motivations that drive consumer behavior, which is far more useful than simply looking at what people have bought before. When marketers focus on the motivations that drive the behavior of their targets in real time, they can gain insight into the people who are interested in engaging with their brands and purchasing their products right now. The specific interests of health-conscious Baby Boomers lead sparks & honey to find and understand new potential markets for their insurance company client, helping them get the edge on their competition.

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