Fage Yogurt Pitch Brief & The Surprising Places to Find Yogurt-Lovers


By Max

Fage is a brand of Greek yogurt sold in health food stores (in fact, it’s the second-biggest Greek yogurt company in the U.S.).  If you haven’t heard of Fage, it’s probably because you buy Chobani – its primary competitor. Recently, Fage broke with its former creative agency, MullenLowe, which handled creative, digital, social, media planning and buying, brand strategy and public relations.

But, clearly they didn’t do well enough to beat Chobani – the rivalry remains as strong as ever, especially as Chobani has been rising in the ranks, beating out Yoplait to be the top-selling yogurt brand in the United States. It’s stiff competition.

Fage has been stepping up to differentiate itself by ofering not only plain and fruit yogurts, but also lunchtime "savory" yogurt combos, like curry with cashews, or Carrot Ginger with Pistachios, as well as more sophisticated dessert-like combos, such as Cherry with Amaretti Cookies.

That’s a good move – sales of complex flavor combinations have gone up 3% within the last year and appears to be continuing its rise in popularity.

But we couldn’t help but feel Fage is missing something in their marketing plan (and clearly they feel the same way, or they wouldn’t be looking for new talent!).

We think pitching agencies should take a closer look at the Greek yogurt consumer…

greek yogurt consumers: chobani audience insights, fage audience analysis

Meet the Greek Yogurt Consumer

For our pitch brief analysis, we selected people interested in the three top Greek Yogurt brands (Fage, Chobani, Oikos) to create a customer profile of the Greek Yogurt customer. What we found is a very specific demographic.

They’re female (a whopping 74%) between the ages of 45-54. Half are married, half aren’t. Half have children, half don’t. But they are nearly unanimously health-conscious, tech-savvy home chefs.

greek yogurt consumers: customers insights. female yogurt consumers

The top magazine read is
Living Without – a gluten-free recipe magazine.

The top app is Look & Cook – a recipe app with big, beautiful pictures and clear directions.

Clearly, these women love to cook and are extremely aware of the ingredients in things they buy (you can’t be gluten-free without becoming an accomplished label reader).

This could be an opportunity for Fage to capitalize on the quality and wholesomeness of its ingredients.

And, it would be well-worth the time of Fage’s next marketers to look into developing recipes with this app and magazine featuring Fage yogurt products (leveraging the robust recipe section on Fage’s website).

They also follow blogger and chef Billy Parisi – he ranks high as a primary influencer – which is another avenue for potential influencer marketing.

greek yogurt consumers are influenced by chefs like billy parisi

When not cooking, these ladies like to watch documentaries and game shows – something to note if you’re buying media.  

But let’s not forget the 26% of men who are Greek yogurt fans. They have their own characteristics, which are markedly different. For example, while women are primarily yogurt consumers because of calcium, men appreciate Greek yogurt for its high protein. Where women over-index on home cooking, men are 4x more likely to use travel apps like Lyft and Hotel Tonight (they’re business travelers). As a group, the yogurt-loving gents are a bit adventurous; they like exploring new places, new ideas, and new flavors.

When you have insights like these, opportunities to get a product out in front of its ideal audience just seem to float to the surface. It’s like having a direct line to understanding their “needs/knows/wants.”

For more insights on Fage, the Greek yogurt industry, and Greek yogurt consumers, check out our new Pitch Brief!


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