Customer Profile: Mike, a GoPro fan living on the West Coast


By Lauren

customer profile gopro west coast analysis

Meet Mike.

Mike lives in Los Angeles, or Portland, or Seattle and makes a decent income of $40-$70,000 a year. He’s still paying off some student debt from college, and he’s still looking for that special someone.

He’s also GoPro’s target demographic.

When creating the customer profile for GoPro’s ideal customer, we begin with statistics like sex, income, education and location.

Using our numbers (check out our numbers!), we begin to paint a picture, and we’re naming this picture Mike. He’s a cool guy. We think you’ll like him.

Let’s look at Mike’s interests.

He’s big into travel and sports, but most of all, Mike is a car guy. His dream car is a reasonable, rather rational choice but not without a touch of whimsy and wanderlust: A Subaru. But he wouldn’t say no to a ‘stang either.

He’s definitely looking for a car that says “I’m ready for an adventure.” And that is exactly GoPro’s target audience – and Subaru’s, and Ford’s Mustang.

It seems like Subaru, Ford and GoPro might want to look into some cross promoting, don’t you think?

customer profile gopro west coast analysis infographic

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