Customer Profile: Under Armour Basketball


By Lauren

Under Armour is a sportswear company with one of our favorite taglines: “Everything here is built to make you better.” The company’s CEO is Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland football player who has made it clear that his goal is to dethrone Nike as the world’s top retail sports brand. Under Armour has a shot – even though Nike still makes 10 times as many sales, Under Armour is growing three times as fast. Last year, Under Armour won Ad Age’s 2014 Marketer of the Year award for its “I Will What I Want” women’s campaign, which finally allowed them to expand their appeal across gender lines.

But, with an entire category devoted to men’s basketball shoes, clothes and gear, the demographic is clearly still primarily made up of young adult men (who make up 83% of their audience). These brand followers are college educated, single, and make a low to mid-range income.

Who are these guys?

The demographics start to get interesting when we look at the geographic data of the Under Armour customer base. The brand has its largest following in Baltimore, Maryland, which isn’t surprising since that is where its headquarters are located – but on the other side of the country, there is absolutely no audience – 0% - in San Diego. In fact, brand followers appear to be clustered around the northeast region of the United States.


Are Sports their only interest?

Under Armour’s demographic is a group of guys who are all about sports in just about every area of their lives. Their favorite apparel and footwear brands are Nike and Addidas; their favorite television show is Sports Center (though they also watch comedies like Family Guy), they primarily get their news from websites like Yahoo Sports, and their main source of media is YouTube.

Clearly, these are dedicated sports fans, but they’re not content to sit on the couch – they’re also at the game and in the game. Their leisure activities include attending live sporting events and following events like the X Games, March Madness and the Spartan Race. Even their preferred video games include a ball: NBA 2K, Madden, EA Sports, and NCAA Football.

What are the marketing opportunities here?

When you have a group of people so passionate about one thing, it can be difficult to know exactly what to target for your marketing campaign. Should you pass out flyers for your product at major sporting events? Should you craft a funny sports-themed ad for Youtube? Or, could the secret be hiring just the right celebrity to endorse your product?

When H&M wanted to attract a young make audience, they hired David Beckham and comedian Kevin Hart to star in a series of short ads that captured the comedy while capitalizing on star athletes. Check out our analysis of their campaign here. Kevin Hart is also the top rated celebrity for Under Armour’s followers, with a Relevance score of 179.62.

You can find out much more about the Under Armour customer when you check out our interactive profile. Just click on a category to dig down further and uncover insights to inspire your next campaign.

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