Pitch Brief: Dannon is looking for a new Content  Agency


By Max


Dannon is currently inviting agencies to pitch for content creation projects, in an effort to “get to know” potential agency partners and identify the best for future brand projects. In a recent email sent from a Dannon spokesperson to adage.com, the yogurt brand says it’s “Looking at a diverse list of agencies that have strengths in areas including digital strategy, social and content creation."

With agencies including Weld, GW Hoffman and Y&R on the pitch invitation list, competition to win the bid is fierce. The winning agencies will have to find ways to stand out in an already stellar crowd. We think the key to getting into Dannon’s good graces is to present a pitch that shows just how well you understand their company - and most importantly, their customers.


Dannon was established in the U.S. in 1942 as a subsidiary of the much older Danone, a multinational food and beverage company that has been in business since 1919. For the last 75 years, Dannon has exceeded consumer expectations by consistently delivering high-quality, wholesome, nutritious and innovative fresh dairy products, waters, early life nutrition and medical nutrition products. Its subsidiaries include Stonyfield Farm, Wahaha Joint Venture Company, and Griffin’s Foods.

Danone is a company of passionate people, energized by a mission “to build health through all of life’s stages.” Their content reflects these values, and adds:

  • Cultivating a taste for things that are good for you.
  • Feeding young children and vulnerable people, as well as those in good health.
  • Adapting our products to all cultures.
  • Exploring what scientific research can bring to our daily diet.

Dannon, specifically, makes more than 200 different flavors, styles and sizes of cultured dairy products. They’ve come a long way since the early days - in 1947, for example, few Americans had ever tried yogurt, although it was a dietary staple in Europe. Through Dannon’s marketing efforts, along with their revolutionary “fruit on the bottom” yogurt products, yogurt is in nearly every home in America.



Dannon’s four main brands, classic Dannon, Oikos, Activia, and Light & Fit, combine to take over a substantial share of the U.S. yogurt market, especially in the southern states. Light & Fit performs best across the country, followed by Oikos.





Market penetration highlights the propensity of north easterners toward yogurt like Light & Fit and Activia. Dannon’s penetrates the best in the Midwest and especially in the West where  greatly outperforms the competitors. In the south Activia and Oikos dominate the landscape.



As we start to get into the demographic data, we see that Dannon’s target consumer is a mature woman, married, with no children or children living out of the home, college educated, and employed at a moderate income level.


According to the psychographic scores of Dannon consumers, they love food, wellness, fashion - and cars.



As previously stated, Dannon’s audience is made up of food lovers. But they don’t just enjoy eating food - they actively learn how to make more delicious and healthier foods. The Food Network ranks at the top of most popular television channels for this group, reaching 11.1% of the audience, there is a high relevance and penetration for Chefs among their most followed public figures, and their favorite food websites are those that provide instructional content of how to use common grocery store brands to create different recipes.


But powerful, attention-grabbing content can be inspired by tapping into Dannon’s target consumers’ secondary passions as well. Diving deeper into the beauty and wellness interest, for example, reveals not so much an interest in health (vitamins & supplements are only marginally more appealing than tattoos), but a great interest in cosmetics.



Preferences in entertainment reveal a lot about a target segment’s personality. The Dannon consumer, for example, is strongly interested in television dramas, but also appreciates comedies and reality shows. Drama, however, is a broad category, and it’s helpful to know more precise tastes.


Here we can see that the types of drama this consumer likes most are crime dramas and medical dramas. Placing advertisements in proximity to these shows could be advantageous.


The Dannon audience prefers to get its content through websites, apps, and television, in that order, emphasizing the importance of a good online content strategy for the brand. Their familiarity with mobile apps, including games and online store apps, may present an additional opportunity for content creation.


This audience clearly enjoys food-related websites of the brands it follows, like Campbell’s and Country Crock, both of which feature indicating that a well-executed blog on the Dannon website could be a promising opportunity.

By leveraging this consumer data into compelling content that is driven by insights into real, live, and engaged Dannon customers - you’ll find a sure way to stand out in any competition.



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