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By John

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Who, besides Tom Brady, thinks that Donald Trump is a viable presidential candidate? That’s the question circulating around our office this month – and we’re not alone. Even The Atlantic ran a headline begging the question “Is Running for President Donald Trump’s Worst Business Decision Yet?”
Maybe not.

Even though insulting immigrants and women isn’t usually the strongest strategy for winning over voters, Trump has managed to garner significant support. He has consistently risen in the polls, has dominated the news media, and has managed to galvanize his supporters. US News reporter Peter Fenn even gives him fair odds at winning “a large number of primary and caucus states” for the primaries. But who are Trump’s supporters, exactly?

We looked at Trump’s demographics to find out a little more about his potential voter base. Those most likely to be sporting Trump’s “Make America Great” hat are: Men, between the ages of 25-34, who are single, college educated, and mid-to-low income earners. They talk politics (44.06% Reach) when they’re not discussing sports, are vehemently conservative, and tend to congregate with other conservatives/Republicans online in networks like ForAmerica (195.14 Popularity). Predictably, a number of Trump’s followers are also Tea Partiers.

As similar as these people are in their political ideologies, Trump’s supporters are geographically diverse.

This group shows a high Affinity for the Texas Nationalist Movement, even though the highest concentrations of Trump supporters are in Southern Florida, Southern California, Washington, Des Moines, Iowa, and the Northeastern seaboard.

So can we look forward to a Trump/Brady run for 2016? It wouldn’t be the worst idea Trump has ever had, but after reviewing his demographic, we just don’t think he has quite enough support to make it to the White House (even if he were to pick up the controversial Quarterback as VP). Meanwhile though, the Don has managed to come up with another hit reality show: The Trump Campaign.

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